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Depressing Prospects Films is finished, everything I wanted to achieve with it has happened. Also, one of my best friends, and the star of "Fear of Lemonade", Paul Tahi Baker, killed himself. So, i thought this would be a fitting time to end Depressing Prospects.  All Depressing Prospects videos and DVDs will continue to be available.
I will continue to make films, but only under the "Labrecque Art and Film" name.


The home of avantgarde writer/director Brian Labrecque and his fucking genius films and comics.

Brian Labrecque is an avant-garde independent filmmaker living in Seattle, WA(temporarily in Boston).
He is known for his gender-bending films such as 2004's Far Too Gone, which tells the story of Josh, a strange guy in Seattle who thinks he's Tori Amos.

2006 saw the release of his short film Meeting Hillary, which told the story of two young witches in a battle to the death. In 2007, he released Fear of Lemonade, said to be an epic mind-bending psychotronic film about a shisha addict who is tormented by a Girl Scout from Hell.

In 2010, the epic graphic novel "Effing Brutal" was released as a book AND video graphic novel DVD, the story is the continuation and full realization of the adventures of Josh and his army of losers!
For 2011,  Depressing Prospects released Deliriotic, a psychotronic short film about journeys into another dimension.

Self-taught and a devout follower of John Waters , Don Coscarelli and Mike Judge, he never attended film school and has never been to a writing workshop.

He denounces formal film school training as "emasculating" and like "trying to become smarter by getting a lobotomy". His films have won critical acclaim from film festivals as diverse as the Southside Film Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Festival Du Cinema De Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium.




Depressing Prospects 'Ultimate DVD' DISC 1-"The Toriverse"


Far Too Gone-
The award winning independent film about Josh, the guy in Seattle who thinks he's Tori Amos
(directors cut) *
Effing Brutal:
the video graphic novel
(this is the continuation of the 'Far Too Gone' story)
Far Too Gone-Trailer
Effing Brutal-Trailer

*(Far Too Gone which introduces the real-life people portrayed in Effing Brutal)

Depressing Prospects 'Ultimate DVD' DISC 2-"The Psychoverse"


Fear of Lemonade
Meeting Hillary
TV interviews with the director
bonus videos and many extras

132 pages of transvestite superhero brutality!

Dive into the strange and oft disturbing sub-culture of cross-dressing urban cults and un-heroes! Set in Seattle, Effing Brutal tells the story of Josh, a transvestite-in-denial, who believes he's Tori Amos. Josh and his chronically bleeding Kung-Fu sidekick Larry inadvertently join a transvestite cult known as the “Strict Nine”. At war with the Strict Nine are a violent skateboarder cult known only as the V.O.T.S. (or: Victims Of The System) who are obsessed with heavy-metal guitarist Chris Impellitteri. In the midst of this alt-cult war, Josh is kidnapped by the V.O.T.S., and in order to rescue him, Larry must call upon the unlikeliest team of superheroes on Earth: TEAM BRUTAL!
(this is the continuation of the 'Far Too Gone' story)


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Depressing Prospects Filmography:

-the end-
2011- Deliriotic
(psychotronic short film)
2009-Ultimate DVD(contains ALL films including Far Too Gone and video version of Effing Brutal)
2009-Effing Brutal: Graphic Novel about the Tori Amos guy vs. Seattle street gangs(continuation of  'Far Too Gone' story)
2008-Fear of Lemonade-anti-drug tween vs. society psychotronic film
2006-Meeting Hillary-tween vs. witch thriller
2004-Far Too Gone-award winning independent film about the guy who thinks he's Tori Amos

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